Music for Ballet Lovers Vol. 9 – DDM2006

Yoshi Gurwell Music for Preballet Class CD

“Music for Ballet Lovers Vol. 9” is a 57 minute double length CD by Yoshimi Gurwell containing 40 unrepeated solo piano melodies for a
complete preballet class. It offers a unique collection of classical music without singing or vocal instructions.

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Yoshi Gurwell Music for Preballet Class CD

Samples this CD:

Track 03 - Finger & Hand Movement 2/4
Track 09 - Hands Walk Forward 2/4
Track 19 - Foot Articulation 2/4

Track  29 - Marching by Polonaise 3/4
Track  33 - Bunny-Hop 2/4
Track  41 - Freeze Dance - 1

Yoshi Gurwell presents a wonderful album of ballet class music for beginning student. Divided into four parts, this double length CD offers music for Floor Work, Center Work, Across the Floor and Freeze Dances. All the melodies are familiar classical ballet music adapted to accompany 48 different exercises for the very young student. The last 6 tracks are devoted to Freeze Dances where the students can do certain poses on cues from the music which teaches the student to listen carefully as they dance. There is even music for ‘Shake-the-body’ where dancers are encouraged to improvise and have fun. From skips, butterfly run, bunny hop and so many more, every simple step is covered in the delightful collection of music!


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