Amandine Ballet Class Music 2 CD – AK0006C

Andrey Klemm & Sylvain Durand Ballet Music CD

“Amandine Ballet Class” is a 57 minute single length CD by Andrey Klemm & Sylvain Durand containing 54 repeated solo piano melodies for a complete ballet class. It offers a unique collection of original & classical music without singing or vocal instructions.

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Andrey Klemm & Sylvain Durand Ballet Music CD

Sample this CD:
Track 08 - Battements Tendus 3
Track 22 - Battements Frappes
Track 42 - Jetes
Track 50 - Ballonnes

Welcome to the second volume of music for ballet class by Sylvain Durand. This volume is an equal to the first volume in style and originality. Some of melodies sound like they should be theme songs for a movie or show. Full of passion and movement this music is great to dance to. Once again Andrey Klemm has created this disc for a simple straightforward ballet class. A complete Barre is followed by Center exercises, jumps and Pointe work. The music on this CD is used on the accompanying DVD titled simply “Amandine” after the wonderful dancer in the class.


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