CD - First Class Vol. 2 - 9430C

Nancy Bielski & Douglas Corbin - Music For Preballet Class 

A double  length compact disc with 24 repeated solo piano melodies for a complete preballet class. It offers a unique collection of original music without singing or vocal instructions. 

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Nancy Bielski & Douglas Corbin - Music For Preballet Class 

Sample this CD: 
Track 1 - Plie 
Track 3 - Tendu 
Track 16 - Small Jumps

A companion to the enormously popular "First Class" for preballet under the direction of Nancy Bielski. Douglas Corbin offers twenty-four improvisational melodies for a complete ballet class. Barre begins with Plieand Tendu. Center starts with Temps Lie, Pirouette, Jumps and ends with Reverence. Appropriate for all beginning beginners! 


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