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The Greatest Showman for Ballet Class - David Plumpton - CD

“The Greatest Showman” is a 71 minute double length CD by David Plumpton containing 32 unrepeated piano melodies for a complete intermediate ballet class. It offers a unique collection of familiar music without singing or vocal instructions.

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The Greatest Showman for Ballet Class - David Plumpton - CD

Sample This CD:

Track 05 - Tendus
Track 08 - Glisses
Track 16 - Grands Battements

Track 20 - Fondus
Track 25 - Pirouette 1
Track 30 - Medium Allegro

In ‘The Greatest Showman – Music for Ballet Class’ David Plumpton takes all the music from the feature movie by the same name and creates 32 different arrangements for every exercise in a ballet class. Since there are only a dozen or so melodies from the film, David has used his amazing ability to create different arrangements of the same melody to accompany a variety of exercises. For example the same melody is used for quick Tendus, Grand Battements and an adagio in the center. He also changes time signatures so the same melody is played in 4/4, then in 3/4, then in 2/4, all sounding completely different. Of course the artistry of David’s playing shows through every track creating a wonderfully inspiring collection of music for any ballet class.    


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