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Inside Ballet Class Vol. 3 - Yee Sik Wong CD

Stephanie Murrish & Yee Sik Wong
Intermediate Ballet Class Music

“Upper Level Technique Class Vol. 3” is a 61 minute single length CD by Stephanie Murrish & Yee Sik Wong containing 43 unrepeated solo piano melodies for a complete intermediate ballet class. It offers a unique collection of classical music without singing or vocal instructions.

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Inside Ballet Class Vol. 3 - Yee Sik Wong Audio CD

Sample this CD:
Track 03 - Plie

Track 07 - Jete #2
Track 16 - Releve/Fast Jete
Track 21 - Rond de Jambe par Terre
Track 35 - Grand Allegro #1
Men's Combinations
Track 42 - Pirouette/Manege 

Clear, easy to follow rhythms are the hallmark of this third volume of music titled Inside Ballet Studio for the upper level technique class. Yee Sik Wong has created this double length CD of classical solo piano music for a complete ballet class. The music was recorded in a performance hall so it has a feel of being inside a ballet studio which is a very inspiring touch. Music from composers like Joplin, Tchaikovsky, and Strauss are all mixed into a ballet class containing ten allegro tracks and several less traveling exercises. If you use every track on this CD your class will be well rounded and cover many different tempos. The last four of the forty three tracks are devoted to men’s combinations with big soaring melodies.


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