CD – Inside Ballet Class Vol 4 - YEE SIK WONG - IBS04C

Inside Ballet Class Vol. 4 - Yee Sik Wong Audio CD

“Upper Level Technique Class Vol. 4” is a 60 minute single length CD by Stephanie Murrish & Yee Sik Wong containing 43 unrepeated solo piano melodies for a complete intermediate ballet class. It offers a unique collection of classical music without singing or vocal instructions.

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Inside Ballet Class Vol. 4 - Yee Sik Wong Audio CD

Sample this CD:
Track 06 - Jete #1

Track 14 - Grand Battement
Track 16 - Releve/Fast Jete
Track 20 - Jete
Track 27 - Petit Allegro #1 
Men's Combinations
Track 42 - Pirouette/Manege 

Inside Ballet Studio Volume 4 marks the fourth collaboration between pianist Yee Sik Wong and ballet teacher Stephanie Murrish. The music on this title demonstrates how well these two artists understand the needs of the dancer and how well they work together to present not only the right tempo but the right feeling for each exercise. Over twenty different famous classical composers like Verdi, Strauss, and Minkus are represented in these forty three tracks of music for a complete ballet class. There are also four selections at the end of this CD for men’s combinations or large traveling exercises. Every exercise ends with a two count finishing Port de Bras to add the perfect controlled ending.


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