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"Lower Level Technique Class" - Stephanie Murrish & Yee Sik Wong - Beginner Ballet Class Music

“Lower Level Technique Class” is a 51 minute single length CD by Stephanie Murrish & Yee Sik Wong containing 31 unrepeated solo piano melodies for a complete beginner ballet class. It offers a unique collection of classical music without singing or vocal instructions.

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"Lower Level Technique Class" - Stephanie Murrish & Yee Sik Wong - Beginner Ballet Class Music

Samples this CD:
Track 03 - Plie
Track 17 - Jete
Track 23 - Petit Allegro #3

Track 26 - Medium Allegro #2

This CD is designed by Stephanie Murrish for a complete beginning ballet class. With every unrepeated melody ending with a two count reverence to help end the exercise and lots of music for center steps, this title is perfect for any beginner. The nine allegro tracks are great for traveling steps and help to keep a young dancers attention. Yee Sik Wong plays every classical melody as clearly as possible so the very beginning dancer can follow the music without any trouble.

This CD contains 31 tracks of solo piano music arranged for Lower Level Ballet Technique Class. The tracks are all slightly longer to accommodate combinations for lower level classes. This CD is designed for a complete ballet class with a full barre and a complete center. Music includes arrangements of music from opera and ballet repertoire, and classical music repertoire. The arrangements are simple and clear to help lower level students count the music.


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